Volleyball Recap: Battle of the Greens

Green Level Varsity women’s volleyball comes back strong with a win against Apex Friendship.

The Green Level Gators started off the week on Tuesday night against the Green Hope Falcons.

Both teams were ranked Top 5 in the state heading into this premier matchup at Green Hope. 

The Falcons entered the night 11-0 and continued that win streak with a 3-2 win over the Gators. This game was coming down to the wire each set, with the Gators and Falcons splitting the first two sets. The third set was the most intense set played. At one point the score was 31-31 and the Gators ended up closing out the set 33-31. The last two sets were going back and forth but the Falcons were able to scratch by with wins. Tuesday marks the first time the Gators have lost this year, their record now standing at 12-1 and the Falcons bumped up to 12-0.

The two teams’ next match up is at Green Level on October 14th, which happens to be senior night for the Gators. 



On Thursday night, the Gators faced Apex Friendship at home and managed to sweep the Patriots with a win of 3-0. The Gators had a close first set with the score being 26-24 after an intense back and forth between the two teams. The Patriots managed to block the Gator’s spikes with ease at first, but when the game went on, Green Level was able to exhaust the energy of the opposition and take control of the game. Despite the rowdy nature of the visiting fans, the girls kept their heads in the game and pulled away with the sweep.