Teacher of the Year – Ms. Beach!


C. Nestor

Ms. Beach is your teacher of the year!

R. Pragada, Staff Writer

The teacher of the year was recently announced and it’s none other than our very own Latin teacher, Ms. Beach! 

Ms. Beach has been teaching for 11 years and this is her second year teaching here at Green Level. She loves Green Level and the environment here. When asked how she connects with her students, Ms. Beach said, “I find out what they care about and care about those things too.”

Ms. Beach loves Latin and she started teaching the language of Latin because she likes sharing it with other people. 

Ms. Beach works collaboratively with other teachers at Green Level as well. Sra. Argese says, “Mrs. Beach is great at keeping her students calm and she comes up with useful lessons. She is a nice team member to work with as well.” Along with that, many students at school love her as well. 

Congratulations to Ms. Beach for teacher of the year!