Astroworld Disaster


Astroworld disaster

On Friday night, Houston’s Astroworld festival took a sharp turn. There were 8 confirmed deaths, their ages ranging from 14-27. Over 300 people were treated at the field hospital, 25 were rushed to the hospital, and 13 are hospitalized.

The most common cause of injuries and death was compressive asphyxia, as people were pushed so tightly against each other that their airways became constricted. 11 people also went into cardiac arrest. The concert had over 50,000 people attending. Many people didn’t have tickets and forced their way through. 

Travis Scott is accused of keeping the show on for 40 minutes after people were crying for help. There were also accusations of people getting injected with drugs at the festival. Music artists are often shown helping a person if they are hurt and stopping the show, yet Scott did not. 

Police believe an individual was injecting drugs into other people. Chief Troy Finner says, “I will tell you one of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs. We do have a report of a security officer according to the medical staff that was out and treated him last night. That he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen, and he felt a prick in his neck. When he was examined, he went unconscious. They administer Narcan. He was revived and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody is trying to inject.” 

Diksha is a Green Level student and ex-Scott fan, “I do not support him as a person because of his inhuman actions at the concert. I think what happened was very morbid and so bad. My take on it is that even though people say that’s how all his concerts are like that, I think he could have had a shred of human decency to stop the show and check up on people that he clearly saw where getting injured. People also came up to him to tell him what was going on. I lost all respect for him”

This is an ongoing investigation and we hope everybody involved is safe. Make sure to be respectful on social media and only share information that is helpful and true. Many families lost loved ones and our regards go out to them.