What’s Happening to Pakistan?


Wikimedia Commons

Flooding in Pakistan is impacting daily life.

Over 1300 innocent people are dead due to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan. Even more citizens have been injured, lost their homes, or left stranded without their families. 

Scientists attribute the flooding to climate change. Pakistan faced extreme heat waves throughout late spring; temperatures reached over 120 degrees Fahrenheit in May. The heat melted massive glaciers in the Himalayas, and since hot air retains moisture better, the nation quickly began flooding. Pakistan can’t withstand the level of rain they’re receiving. 

“It’s disheartening to know that a country that contributes less than 1% of the global fossil fuel emissions is paying the price for climate change,” says Pakistani-American senior Aminah Ahmad. “Families stand on the remains of their houses waiting for the inevitable… I hope people understand the intensity of what is occurring in Pakistan.”

Flooding affects daily life in Pakistan. (Wikimedia Commons)

Fellow senior Shaheer Lodhi fears for the homeless population. “I lived in Pakistan for five years. Being from the US, I was shocked to see the number of homeless people. With all the flooding, it’s impossible to put myself in their shoes now.” 

Over 9% of the Pakistani population is homeless. 5.9 million people reside in slums just in the city of Karachi. These slums have been destroyed by the catastrophic floods, leaving families stranded and struggling in the wreckage. Authorities have provided minimal aid, and sickness has begun to take root in the unsanitary conditions.

The floods have also been catastrophic to the Pakistani economy. They’ve caused over 10 billion dollars of damage and destroyed countless cotton fields, Pakistan’s most important cash crop. 

“I feel like people don’t realize how many are suffering,” says freshman Fatima Hussain. “A third of the country is underwater, but I’m still not hearing as much about this situation when it’s just as important as other issues.”

The situation in Pakistan is still developing, as the floods show no sign of stopping soon.