Student Athlete of The Week: Rhoen Breen


E. Stein, Staff Writer

The student-athlete of this week is Junior football player, Rhoen Breen. Rhoen has been dominating on the football field through his great chemistry with Quarterback, Gavin Jones. I asked Rhoen a few questions about how he thinks the game on Friday went and what the team’s goals are and how they are planning to reach them.

What mindset did you have going into the game on Friday?

Just that it was going to be a competition and nothing is given to us so we have to earn it.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Some personal goals are to finish with at least 10 touchdowns and get over 400 yards for the season. As a team I want us to throw at least 500 and try to make the playoffs.

Do you think our team has a chance of making playoffs this year?

I think with the way our conference is looking and how we’re performing we definitely have a chance.

What is the team going to work on to continue improving?

We’re working on execution, making sure our technique is right, and making sure we know where we need to go and ultimately just execute.