Elon Musk Is Destroying Twitter


Elon Musk is now the CEO of Twitter.

J. Zheng, Staff Writer

Elon Musk bought Twitter and became the CEO of Twitter, he is making a lot of changes to Twitter and they all aren’t for the better.

Elon Musk Cuts Off 75% Of Twitter’s Staff.

He let go of the Human Rights Team, the Accessibility Experience Team, The Ethics, Transparency, & Accountability Team, Curation Team, and the team he hired to work on a project.

Not only that but he also let go of Twitter’s Board Of Directors

Elon Musk came out with his own tweet trying to justify why. 

Elon Musk also made another change to Twitter which permanently bans people without warning for impersonation without clearly specifying “parody”.

This caused famous YouTuber Ethan Klein, better known as H3H3, to be banned after he tried to make a “parody” of Elon.

Twitter Verification

Another change Elon plans to do is to change the blue Twitter verification badge. Elon changed the blue verification to an $8/month subscription. Originally it was $20/month but they lowered it. Anyone is now capable of getting a verification badge if they are willing to pay for it. If you were previously verified you would lose your verification badge. People had a lot of negative comments on the subscription and Elon posted memes ridiculing people who are against it. 

Elon Musk is trying to bring back Vine.

Vine was the original Tik Tok before Tik Tok was a thing. It was the same short form entertainment that we’re all familiar with. Vine was officially released in 2013 but acquired by Twitter in 2012. Elon Musk made a poll and the poll ended with 70% yes and 30% no. 

The Competitors 

If Elon does plan on bringing back Vine, one thing is considered is the other short-term entertainment. TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and now Vine. Vine was the first short-term entertainment and had many stars like King Bach, Lele Pons, and Thomas Sanders. However, due to Vine “dying,” they went to other platforms to continue making content. Will they come back to Vine is unsure and will people enjoy it as much as they did before is also unsure. It’s probably not going to happen but who knows what Elon plans to do.