Daneen Khan: Journalist of the Year!



Senior Daneen Khan was named NC High School Journalist of the Year by the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association

Each year the Student Journalist of the Year is selected from among the graduating seniors in scholastic journalism programs across the state. 
This year, the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association announced the Gators Eye’s Editor-in-Chief, Daneen Khan, as the 2023 Rachel Rivers-Coffey North Carolina High School Journalist of the Year. 

Judges’ statements:

 “Daneen displayed an impressive variety of writing in her portfolio, handling news, feature and opinion well, showing that she has mastered many types of journalistic writing.” 

“Daneen Khan’s submission reflects a student who is engaged not just in journalism but the world around her. She displays an innate curiosity and willingness to test her own boundaries that is crucial to success as a reporter, editor and leader. The depth and breadth of her interests are clear in her reporting and writing, as is her commitment to building an engaged, diverse and relevant newsroom for her school.”

Notable accomplishments with Green Level’s Gator’s Eye: 

  • Daneen was the Arts Section Editor her sophomore year with the Gator’s Eye. 
  • Daneen was the Student Life Editor in her Junior year with the Gators Eye.
  • Daneen has been a writer with the Gator’s Eye every year since she reached high school.
  • Daneen helped produce the first-ever weekly news (Swamp Life) video for the Gators Eye.

Mr. Kesterson (Advisor for Leadership in Media) 

“I met her virtually as a sophomore and it’s been great to watch her grow into an exceptional journalist. Despite her quiet nature, she manages to talk to any type of student and she’s equally comfortable communicating with everyone.”

Avery Hoch (co-Editor-In-Chief)

“Sharing a position with Daneen has been a wonderful experience and our teamwork has brought in an extremely fun aspect of teamwork to The Gator’s Eye. She is one of the best people I have ever worked with and she is so kind and talented. I’m so proud of her for winning Journalist of the Year – she truly deserves it!” 

Charlize Andrews (Managing Editor) 

“I worked with Daneen as the Assistant Arts Section Editor (she was the Arts Section Editor) virtually during my freshman year in high school. She is so good at making each and every person she interviews, works beside, and collaborates with so comfortable. She has made my experience with The Gators Eye so memorable and enjoyable. There is nobody better fit for the role of Journalist of the Year than Daneen.” –