Green Level Wins Wells Fargo Cup

A.Hryn J.Fedich, Staff Writer

The Wells Fargo Cup is a state-wide award appointed to the school with the most points based on placement in their respective conference in all sports. The higher you finish in the conference the more points you get, for example, the Green Level wrestling team won the conference, meaning they got 50 points. The cup symbolizes all sports in North Carolina and a friendly competition across the state. With the premier talent and hard-working athletes at Green Level High School, they have won the Wells Fargo Cup for the Southwest Wake Athletic Conference.

Some of the sports that had a great year of success and won the conference by placing first and earning 50 points toward the cup were wrestling and stunt. Teams that placed second in the conference and earned 45 points include men’s basketball, men’s lacrosse, and swim. Overall, it was a great year for the Gator athletics with many great moments, especially with winning this premium award.