Olivia Rodrigos Guts Tour

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts” Tour

Olivia Rodrigo embarks on a tour for her sophomore album, “Guts.”

On September 13th, 2023 a worldwide pop-icon announced that she is going on tour. Olivia Rodrigo will travel her way around the US and Europe starting in 2024.

However, this tour is different from traditional concerts. The demand is very high, and there are more tickets wanted than tickets available. This is only Rodrigo’s second tour of her career, and she will only be playing in arenas during this tour rather than stadiums, meaning that along with high demand for tickets, there will be significantly less seats available. In order to compensate for this, Rodrigo’s team and ticketmaster have constructed a plan. 

Tickets to this tour will only be available through registration. Before tickets go on sale, fans must register with their ticketmaster account and then, they will be randomly selected to be given a code to access the ticket buying screen. If you are not given a code, you will be placed on a waitlist and you won’t be given a code until after the sale begins. There are two options/ways to get tickets. 

  1. American Express Presale and 
  2. Regular Artist Registration. 

You may only register for Amex presale if you have an American Express card. Some may think this is unnecessary, however the Amex presale opens up a day before the regular ticket sales. So, it gives you a much greater chance of being able to get a hold of tickets. If you get selected to be apart of the Amex presale, you will get an email on September 19th letting you know. If you did get selected, they will text you your unique code to be able to get into the waiting room for ticket selection. If you did not get selected, your email will say you are on the waitlist and you will have to wait until later to get your code. Actual ticket sales open up at 3pm on September 20th. It is the same process for regular ticket registrations, however all of it is pushed a day back. So, you will get your email September 20th, and ticket sales will open on September 21st. 

On September 19th, people who signed up for the amex presale got an email letting them know if they got waitlisted or not. We talked with one student here at Green Level who got this Amex presale code and we listened to their experience. Even though they were only 860th in line to enter the ticket buying screen, when they were granted access, there were only a few seats left. As they kept selecting tickets to add to their basket, it would be removed because someone else had purchased the ticket.

Another student used 3 amex cards to sign up for presale, and got waitlisted on all of them, and she also got waitlisted for normal ticket sales, meaning that she has no way of getting tickets now. She described how shocked she was because she had more than 3 times the amount of chances to get tickets, yet she still got 0. 

On top of having very limited seating selections, the prices are very high. Floor tickets and lower bowl tickets are around $800, and this was just for Charlotte. In other, more popular places prices went up to $1,000 and fans are not happy. People are calling out Rodrigo for not having affordable ticket prices. However, many people are desperate and are willing to pay any amount of money just to get a hold of tickets. 

Ticket sales are now over and every show is sold out. Many people who did get access to purchasing tickets actually bought more tickets than they needed so that they could resell it and make some profit. So, if you still really want to go on this tour, you still have a chance, but beware that the prices may be extreme.

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