How To Improve Art

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

At Green Level, we have many young artists on their way to pursue art as a career, but what are some ways that we–Green Level Art students–can improve our skills as artists? Mr. Mapp, Arts Department Chair and Green Level’s first Teacher of the Year, shared some insights about the things that have helped him the most over the years. 

I asked him just one question, “What are some ways we should improve our art?” He answered with: “The most important thing to do to improve art is to DO a lot of art, looking at others will also improve your art. All other artists have a work ethic that will blow you away. Andy Warhol–the scholastic art winner–would go around with his polaroid and have a bunch of people around him, and he would study them even at parties! He painted in a place called “The Factory” which was in fact an abandoned hat factory! He would go their all the time and just paint, there are indeed no lazy artists.”

Remember to always try your hardest and work through even the toughest times, and in the words of Mr. Mapp, “There are NO lazy artists!” Now get drawing!