Our Carpool Needs to Change (and We’re the Ones Who Need to do the Changing)


K. Zinger

Students waiting for pick-up during carpool time.

As students may or may not have noticed, Green Level’s carpool is quite chaotic, and The Gators Eye staff has something to say about it. We really want to change the whole, “Oh, I’ll just drive in this lane and cut people up front” culture that many parents have created. No one likes that person. Everyone should wait in the same line and go through the same two minute wait. Seriously, that’s how long it takes to get through that line! Everybody has places to be. As a public service, The Gator’s Eye is publishing this gentle reminder about proper carpool procedures. We all need to get on the same page–admin starting by placing cones to guide us, but we doubt they’ll stop there!

The Gators Eye interviewed Officer Isherwood to get some insight into this situation. You may have seen Officer Isherwood riding his bike around campus or directing carpool. He advised everyone to “follow the rules and be patient,” admitting that carpool can get “frustrating” when parents bend the rules. Isherwood thinks that “a couple more signs, and maybe people to help me” could be helpful in making sure that everyone follows the rules and doesn’t cheat. And he wants to remind everyone that when people drive recklessly it becomes difficult for others to navigate.

We interviewed a student who has been cut off in the line before, Dan Dietrich. He said,  “It upsetting when you’re late for school because of those people, its like they don’t even care about others.” With Dan’s input, we came to the conclusion that carpool needs a change, and it needs to happen fast. We suspect that many would agree with our Managing Editor, Trisha Rangaraju, who says that getting cut off in carpool “makes me feel annoyed, and it’s a bad start to my morning.”

Carpool plays a very important part in our school life–you could be late to school due to it or even be in a crash due to reckless drivers. Too many people are cheating the system, and that’s not what we want for the culture of Green Level. Remember that your actions impact others, and do your part to make carpool work safely and fairly for all.