M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

On the day right before our Thanksgiving break we brought the holiday to Green Level for a joint advisory feast surrounded by nods of gratitude. 

“I’m excited because I get to have apple juice,” said Freshman, Aidan Penn. But, isn’t Thanksgiving about more than just the food? While this feast may be enjoyable for the food as I’m sure you can agree, the sole purpose of this holiday is to express gratitude and that’s why The Gator Gathering was so important–we practiced thankfulness.

“The food was good and we could just relax with the people in our advisory,” said freshman, Saketh.

“I met some new people and learned a little bit about them,” said freshman, Mariana.

The activities to meet new people at the Gator Gathering truly allowed us to be thankful for how privileged we are at this school. It was a great event that most of the people we interviewed loved being a part of, and the teachers appreciated it even more! “I think the Gator Gathering was probably one of the coolest experiences that I have had at Green Level so far,” said Mrs. Hill.