When Will Coronavirus Peak in NC?


Image created by K. Zinger

When will all the disease chaos end?

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

Corona-Virus has taken over a lot of everyday activities, and we all keep asking ourselves, “When will this be over? When can I go to a supermarket without fear of getting sick?” The stress and fear can get to people–for example, at a Sam’s Club, for instance,  a fight broke out in the wine aisle while people were trying to prepare for the worst.

For many people, the virus has brought suffering far beyond aggression in the grocery store. The outbreak has been very fast and unknown, and the U.S. has quickly become the country with the most cases–a grim fact that contributes to the paranoia many citizens are feeling. People are dying and losing loved ones. In fact, WRAL reports that the virus has killed 40,000 Americans and may currently be the leading cause of death in the United States. Since April 7, it has killed more people per day than both heart disease and cancer. 

Even among those of us lucky enough to be healthy and sheltering at home with loved ones, tensions can run high, as family members deal with being cooped up together with little alone time. In addition, some students and parents are having connection issues, struggles for food, or wifi/technology shortages. 

Well, according to ABC, Coronavirus is close to its peak, which hopefully means we can start to turn the corner soon–but experts warn that we still have to go day by day.  Doctors and scientists point out that for now, the best way to combat the virus is still to practice social distancing and stay inside.

There are glimmers of hope, sources such as talktomira suggest that the virus might be under control by early June, leaving a chance for everyone to have a more normal summer. 

If you want to have a positive impact on the decrease of coronavirus is decreasing, it seems that for now practicing social distancing is still the best way–and experts say that applies to keeping your distance from both strangers and friends. North Carolina citizens are still encouraged to leave home only if there is an absolute necessity.

Stay safe, Gators!