Good Eye: People Are Helping The Elderly


Image created by L. Toman

Some good news for a change!

Social distancing is becoming more and more important to keep the people at a higher risk of coronavirus safe and sound. Normal aging of the immune system makes our senior citizens some of those at a higher risk. Some people have taken it upon themselves to limit these risks as much as possible. 

Seven-year-old Cavanaugh Bell is one of those people. As those in the high-risk age group for the coronavirus are becoming increasingly concerned, Bell is trying to make the best of the scenario by delivering care packages. These care packages often include toilet paper, some flushable wipes, hygiene products, and a bunch of food. He got this idea while he was out getting groceries with his mother and realized his 74-year-old grandmother couldn’t go out as easily or safely as he could. News spread fast, and before he knew it donations had come rolling in.

Similarly, a group of students realized how dangerous it was to be exposed as a senior citizen. They have taken it upon themselves to aid in the efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and have created an organization known as “Shopping Angels”. It was founded by Pre-Med Student Jayde Powell and has already grown throughout her school and social media. Shopping Angels are buying and dropping off free grocery items to the elderly. Some clients give their angel a shopping list, budget, and money to cover the purchase. Other clients purchase their groceries online, and a shopping angel does the pickup. She also didn’t want people to be afraid to reach out for budget reasons and started a GoFundMe to prevent money from being an issue.

Another one of these acts of kindness is a program called “Adopt A Grandparent”. For the elderly in nursing homes, having family visits is often a great method of entertainment. Because of the quarantine and risk factors, these older citizens are not getting any guests. To keep spirits high, many nursing homes have tried to provide company and entertainment. This is where Adopt A Grandparent comes in. They are inviting citizens from all over the globe to “adopt” a resident through regular video calls, keeping them engaged and entertained. Pairings are made based on mutual interests and are also accepting letters and drawings. Thousands of people have already signed up.