13 Positive Things That Have Happened In 2020

D. Pasupu, Staff Writer

It is no doubt that 2020 has been… a pretty indescribable year to say the least. The combination of a heated presidential election, our fight for racial equality, and the COVID-19 pandemic have us just shaking our heads. But just like ‘Yin and Yang’, with the bad moments come 2020’s fair share of good moments. These are the moments that remind us how we have gotten through all of this together. So sit down, grab a friend (over zoom), and let’s discuss these 13 highlights of 2020.  

  • BLM

Since the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others, the world has witnessed one of  the most powerful anti-racism movements in the 21st century. We have marched, protested, and fought hard this year to bring about change and justice for our people. Please click here and check out the different donation platforms to support the BLM movement.

  • Drive-in movie theaters making a comeback

Drive-in movie theaters haven’t been around since the ’60s and are finally making a comeback now. Since getting out of the house and watching a movie Friday night isn’t really an option anymore, many business owners have been building make-shift theaters to make up for lost income and provide entertainment to many bored Americans. 


  • Kamala Harris breaking down barriers

Kamala Harris being elected as the first female, black, Indian, and bi-racial vice president was definitely one of the biggest highlights in 2020. This is a massive milestone for our nation and the future of our country. We can only imagine how many young women watched her acceptance speech and thought, “Wow I can do that too.” She has paved the way for so many more strong, confident, and independent leaders of color who have the desire to be in a place of power.


  • Record-Breaking Music

This year, our favorite artists have really been pulling through and coming out with amazing music to cure our quarantine blues and comfort us. Along with record-breaking albums, celebrities like Lizzo, Celine Dion, BTS, Lady Gaga, John Legend, and many others have put on incredible online performances to raise money for Covid-19 relief and spread positive energy this year. 


  • Empty pet shelters

This year, ASPCA found a 70% increase in animal adoption/fostering numbers. As people are stuck at home waiting for the year to end, pet adoption rates have reached their peak! Pets sure are keeping their owners busy during these tough times. 


  • Among Us

If you have been on Youtube or Twitch recently, you have probably seen one of your favorite content creators playing Among Us, a popular video game that has taken the world by storm. This game was released in 2018 and has truly cured our boredom this year, bringing millions of people together on an engaging and fun platform.  


  • Comfy fashion trends

Throughout this year, comfy clothes and loungewear have become super popular and trendy. Wearing sweatpants and a cozy hoodie is the new cool and we’re all for it. 2020 has brought fashion and functionality together in the most comfortable way possible.


  • Tik Tok saving 2020

Tik Tok, a Chinese social media platform used to create short videos for online viewers, has definitely kept us entertained during the pandemic. This wildly popular app has 800 million users this year!


  • Super Bowl Halftime show

On February second of this year, musical sensations JLO and Shakira performed one of the most energetic and memorable halftime shows of all time. The performance included many popular songs, flashy costumes, and mesmerizing dances. These 2 latina super powers really blew us away that night. 


  •  Biggest voter turnout in 140 years

With so much on the line, it was crucial that everyone’s voices were heard during the 2020 election. Over 161 million Americans voted this year, making this the largest voter turnout in history. We as a country really came together this year to evoke change in today’s society. 


  • Amazing new movie releases

So many awesome and engaging movies have been keeping us busy this year. Click here to check out Rotten Tomatoes’ ranking of them all.


As this is definitely a year of many firsts, Disney-Pixar released the movie ‘Onward’ in March with its first LGBTQ+ character, Officer Specter, voiced by Lena Waithe. It’s so cool that Pixar is starting to make attempts toward creating a more inclusive platform making this accomplishment definitely worth mentioning. 


  • Eradication of Polio

On August 26th, 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared Africa Polio-free. Africa and many of its leaders including Nelson Mandela had been fighting this horrible virus for almost 25 years making the eradication so much more monumental. Over 180 years of suffering is finally over. 


  •  Massive decrease in pollution

The halt in transportation due to COVID-19 has caused pollution levels to drop significantly. Nitrogen dioxide, a gas commonly emitted from motor vehicles, has become less concentrated in the air, levels going down by almost 26%. Our period of limited transportation has hugely reduced pollution, climate change, and environmental harm. 

This year has been very difficult with so much going on, but honestly we are all very privileged to be alive and in good health. Life’s special moments are what keep us going and thriving so I hope that you will take the opportunity to create a special moment for someone else. Donating, checking up on one another, or even a wave from a far will create another positive and cherishable moment. Let’s spread the love!