Discovering FCCLA


Courtesy of Green Level FCCLA

Mator the Gator as Chef

E. Nguyen, Staff Writer

FCCLA, the acronym for Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America, is a culinary oriented, student organization here at our school. It runs on Tuesday afternoons.


The food & nutrition curriculum available for freshmen to juniors serves as a complementary course, side by side with FCCLA. It is suitable for those who enjoy immersing themselves in cooking to those who seek to savor the flavors. “It is fun to be around those who like to do what you do. Sailing in the same boat enables us to navigate through the turning tides together!” an anonymous individual says.


The FCCLA chapter at Green Level is supervised by Mrs. Stanton, the faculty advisor, accompanied by numerous officers elected to their positions to hold certain duties, as in the president and the secretary. 


Amongst the many objectives envisioned for the foreseeable future, they will soon premiere Chomp, a cooking show coordinated by more than a dozen. Its debut is scheduled to arrive in an imminent timeframe, anticipated to launch on their YouTube platform in under a month. 


Revolving around both educational and entertainment purposes, it goes hand in hand for the cast to say a warming welcome to virtual audiences. Chomp transpires across several family kitchens, where individuals are comfortably acquainted as they record at home. 


Witnesses, behold a new, eye opening experience to appear like nothing ever seen before! Time will fly by when ready to wait for a recipe repertoire release, with Valentine’s Day being designated for a grand opening ahead!