Artist Spotlight: Esha Macha


Welcome to our Gators Eye artist feature! Each week, we highlight a different student artist and their unique and beautiful work. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Esha Macha.

Esha is a freshman at Green Level Highschool. Along with being artistic, she is athletic and musically talented too. “I am a part of the Yota Swim Team and am on the GLHS swim team,” she says. “I do dance competitively with my dance team VPAC… I play the violin in Cary School of Music and the piano with Prelude Music Academy.” But even with her other interests, Esha’s always made time for art. She’s a very well-rounded student.

Esha says that she’s been an artist for her entire life. “Since kindergarten, I have always loved art… I learned how to do [art] at Triangle Art School,” she says. Her years of practice show through her incredible skill. The education she received has helped her hone her skills and create beautiful pieces of different subjects in different mediums. 

“I love to experiment with all mediums,” Esha says, “But my favorites are acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, and colored pencils.” Her colored pencil portraits show smooth blending and realistic tones. Her paintings have vibrant colors, impressive detail work, deep shadows, and bright skies and backgrounds. And overall, Esha uses her understanding of anatomy, color, and composition to create stunning artwork. 

Esha’s number one piece of advice to other student artists is to not limit their creativity. “Try and experiment with multiple mediums and art styles before only sticking to one,” she says. Learning techniques in different styles helps an artist get an idea of what they want to create. It lets them be artistic in many ways. Experimentation is necessary for growth, and nobody needs to box themselves into one subject or medium. Just look at Esha–she’s developed her skills and personal style through many different mediums and pieces.

Thank you to Esha Macha for her interview! If you like her art, follow her at @eshaspalette on Instagram. If you would like to recommend yourself or a student for our artist spotlight, please email [email protected].