Black Friday Shooting At Southpoint


Photo via WRAL News, Photographed by Josie Zimmer.

This past Friday, there was a shooting at Southpoint Mall. A fight broke out located inside Macy’s between two groups, leading up to the shooting. At 3:23pm the first gunfire was shot on the second floor, in the food court. There were at least six gunshots. Three people are injured, including a 10-year-old boy who was shot by a ricocheting bullet. Police say they do not know if the young boy was a part of the group or not. 

Junior Avery Hoch was at Southpoint Mall herself during the incident. While she was inside Aerie, her dad was in the food court.

Many people panicked and stores were locked down. Hoch says, “My dad called me when he was running out and told me and you need to run out to the car.” Later explaining they ran to the car and hoped it was a scare put on the news.

We hope everyone who was affected is safe now. There is one adult in critical condition but everyone who was involved in the shooting is okay.