Amber Heard’s Mind Games: Fan Theories Go Viral


Depp and Heard’s outfits mirror eachother at Court. Photo from Getty Images.

Fans have brought attention to Amber Heard’s court outfits, which, if one was to look at Johnny Depp’s attire on other occasions, have an unnatural resemblance. Why is she playing these games? 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met on the “Rum Diaries” film audition. Since then, she set out to build herself a career in movies but appears to be driven by her obsession with Depp.

Things got to the point of no return when the two constantly got into arguments, eventually leading to several court cases. As recent trials go on, evidence frequently places Heard as the true villain of her own story. Her legal team attempted to kill the trial four times, and she repeatedly refused to deliver evidence that was requested by Depp’s legal team. Now that she hasn’t gotten everything she wanted, she is clearly playing “mind games” on Depp through her outfit choices, which may prove to be evidence of her sociopathic tendencies.

On April 13, Heard can be seen wearing a fitted, double-breasted blazer and necktie combo to court. Her tie featured a small embroidered bee on the front. Depp had worn the exact same Gucci tie featuring the small embroidered bee previously on the first day of the trial.

Fans pointed out that Heard donned a grey suit and black shirt combo, also previously worn by Depp.