First Prom At the Swamp


D. Khan

Prom ’22 will be held on Saturday evening. The theme is “casino night.”

After nearly three years, it’s finally time for Green Level’s first upperclassman prom! The highly anticipated dance will be on April 30th at One-Eleven Place. Seniors, juniors, and guests will party from 7-11 pm, enjoying food, music, and casino-themed decor all evening. In addition to the dancing, seniors will also get to vote on their Prom King and Queen. 

We spoke with the faculty members organizing the prom to learn more about the venue. Ms. Soles and a few Prom Committee members have checked out One-Eleven Place themselves, and they love the location. “We have a great spot for dancing, a separate space for food and eating, and a really cool patio outside… it’s going to be really pretty out there,” Ms. Soles shares. 

According to Mr. Rogers, another faculty organizer, this prom will be relatively small due to COVID limitations. However, he also likes the venue and thinks it’ll work perfectly this year. Since it’s Green Level’s first prom, the committee has been working hard to organize decor, food, space, and music for the night, so they’re excited to see everything come together on Saturday.

As our prom theme is casino night, there’s been some confusion about whether or not playing cards will be allowed at the event. Some students are under the impression that cards will be out at the tables, while others believe that no cards are allowed whatsoever. In reality, neither are true. The Prom Committee is not providing anything to set out, but if students want to play a (school-safe) game, that’s up to them. “We have not explicitly said that they can’t (bring cards),” says Ms. Soles. 

Green Level may not provide cards, but they will be giving out crowns–Prom Court nominations are in! We spoke with two of the ten seniors running for royalty. Both are super excited to see how the night goes. “I feel like (planning has been) really student-led, which is cool,” shares Prom Queen nominee Meagan Rees. Rees is an active member of the Prom Committee, and while she loves the student aspect of planning, she also extends her gratitude to the staff members organizing the event, such as Ms. Soles. She’s excited to see the casino-style decorations and hopes that the night goes smoothly. 

“I’m so excited to dress up and go out with my friends,” Rees shares. But while she plans on running just for fun, Jackson Rukamp has higher hopes. Of course, he mainly wants to have a good time with his friends and enjoy the night. “But,” he adds, “I think it’d be pretty cool to win Prom King.”

The long-awaited dance is this Saturday, so if you’ve bought your tickets, be sure to pick them up as soon as possible! The first-ever GLHS prom will be a night to remember.