Not Too Late to Audition for Colorguard!


Green Level

The Green Level Colorguard performing at Cary Band Day.

Although you may have heard that the firsts few auditions for Green Level’s fall season Colorguard already began earlier this week, there is one more date on Wednesday, May 11 (from 6-8 p.m.), which anyone can join, even if you haven’t attended the first two auditions.

But wait, what even is Colorguard?

Colorguard/flag corps consists of groups of performers who demonstrate choreographed dances and routines often wielding pieces of equipment to interpret the music of a marching band. These groups can be found all over American middle schools, high schools, and universities, or can exist as an independent group with no affiliation to an educational institution. The equipment used when performing usually includes flags, rifles, and sabers.

The Green Level Colorguard performs at halftime during football games alongside the marching band, and also participates in various competitions locally and across the country. This year, the Grand National Championships are taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, from Wednesday, Nov. 9, to Sunday, Nov. 13, and Green Level will be attending.

Auditioning for this program doesn’t mean you’re automatically committed to it. In fact, auditioning is a good way to learn new skills that you couldn’t have learned elsewhere, and can also help you meet new people. In case you find that you do want to join, registration night is on Tuesday, May 31.

In general, Colorguard is a great way to broaden your horizons and step out of your comfort zone, and it’s a good way to have more extracurriculars on your resume.