The Evilest Thing

Dust. It’s freaking everywhere. You clean your room and the next day it’s back to how it was. You don’t clean it up and it gets worse. Dust is literally one of the worst things in the world with how it accumulates mercilessly, like a tidal wave of filth within an already dirty room, filled with unknown rats and bugs festering and breeding.

Dust Storm. Source: Rawpixel of photo

Cleaning is always a virtue. It’s what separates an animal from a human being. If everyone in the world cleaned and made sure that their area was at the very least livable, we would be living in a better world. But even in such a beautiful world dust shall still be there, a villain that shall never be vanquished under the holy light of Swiffer and Vacuums.

A cleaning icon. Source: FreeSVG

It stands as a testament to how evil will always be there no matter how much we try and clean the room, we’ll struggle, but if we don’t clean, the dust will become a more significant issue. This is why humans should always clean and make themselves and their living space clean, as at the very least it would be a much better place for you to sleep and relax. Cleaning is also very therapeutic as well, especially since you could see the progress. It is repetitive.

If only money could be gathered up as quickly as dust, we would live in a better world. This is a public service announcement for you to clean your room, it really helps!