AP Exams are Over… Now What?


D. Khan

We’re nearing our final weeks of the school year!

It’s been a long two weeks at Green Level High School. Students have survived the deadly AP exam season, and it feels like a weight is off everyone’s shoulders. Summer seems right around the corner–but, of course, there are a few things to get through first. 

Before anything, we’ve still got around three weeks of school. Grades are still going in, even as more classes begin to work on final projects or review course material. Teachers want their students to remain attentive in class–if you think you’ll need help to get that grade up, now’s your last chance. Better to get on top of things and finish the year strong versus struggling in the home stretch! 

Then, of course, come finals. Seniors have exemptions (if they choose), so they’re all set to celebrate the last summer of high school before they head off to college in the fall. Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, however, aren’t out of the woods yet; teacher-made exams are worth 20% of their grades, so everyone wants to preserve or improve their scores. Some teachers have replaced the exam-style format with a project or something similar, but the same goes for their students. Enjoy these weeks, but be ready for June 6-10th. 

And then we’re at our last school event: Graduation! This year hasn’t been easy, what with it being our first time back in-person, but everyone made it through okay. Seniors will celebrate at their graduation ceremony on May 16th at the Raleigh Convention Center. For anyone interested in showing up to support their friends, be sure to clear it with them and show up on time! The event starts at noon–we’re cheering on our first graduating class as they head off for big things.

Finally, it’ll be time for summer break. Students will be traveling, relaxing, and enjoying their months of homework-free peace. Make the most of your summer and enjoy your time away from the swamp!