Is Off-Brand Food Better Than Brand Food?


L. Willis

Are off-brand foods better than the brand name?

Off-brand items have been looked down upon for many years due to current fads and the need to have the latest items. Somehow these fads have transferred over to food. People think they need the “good brand,” but in reality, it’s all the same… or is it? 

Why off-brand food is the best:

The cost of living has gone up and so has the cost of food. That being said, if someone could find the same exact food item for cheaper, and it tastes the exact same, why wouldn’t they buy it? People associate multiple negative myths to off-brand food, such as it’s not as nutritious and it doesn’t taste as good. These myths are just that: myths. 

Why off-brand food is the worst: 

Off-brand foods are the worst. They are off-brand for a reason. Would you rather get double-stuffed Oreos, or “double-filled chocolate sandwich cookies?” What about Froot loops or “Tootie Frooties?” Most people prefer brand foods. Brand foods provide comfort and satisfaction. If the brand is consistent, customers will consider them trustworthy and buy their products. Even though the item is cheaper, it doesn’t mean it is better just because the price is lower. Everyone says “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but why not judge food? If one item looks better than the other, then you are going to buy it. Since packaging on brand foods is more well known than non-brand food, customers are going to buy which food looks best. Overall brand foods are so much better than off-brand foods. 

Would you rather eat off-brand food or brand food?