Green Level Seniors Wake Up the Swamp


2023 Class Photo

Friday morning, our 2023 seniors flooded the stadium for the second annual Green Level High School senior sunrise.

Students arrived at 6:30 and were greeted with a buffet-style breakfast provided by the PTSA. All seniors were offered fruit, donuts, granola bars, juice, water, etc to grab throughout the morning. We celebrated with games, music, and smiles as the sun made its way over the swamp. It was great to see everyone hanging out and having fun to start the first of many lasts for our seniors.

“Playing spike ball and corn hole with my friends on the football field was a really fun and special experience. I’m glad that we have cool opportunities like this to remember our senior year by. It was definitely worth waking up early for.” Says senior, Josiah Pasteris.

“Starting senior year is really bittersweet for me because as excited as I am to grow and move forward, it is hard leaving all of this behind. I realized after this week that I have begun the cycle of lasts and I think this sunrise is a celebration of that realization. I am happy to have these memories with my friends and carry them with me as I move forward” Shared senior Amelia Moore.

The senior class of 2023 will be our first graduating class that will have attended Green Level since their freshman year. We are so incredibly excited to be able to celebrate all of these hard-working students and reward them with amazing memories like the senior sunrise.

The PTSA plans to continue more Green Level traditions this year like muffin Fridays, chalk the spot, and the senior car parade. We are so excited for the upcoming year and all of the fun senior activities ahead of us.

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