Homecoming Pep-Rally: Hype Like Never Before


Homecoming is right around the corner, and so is the pep rally in preparation for our Homecoming Football game against Apex High on September 30, with the dance the following day.

Unlike previous years, we are looking forward to some team and class games/competitions that will be held during the event, along with our very own Gator Goonies, a.k.a the “Core 5” leading the pep rally (Audrey Ericksen, Scott Sabol, OJ Holmes, Lauren Waters, and myself).

I asked Senior section leader Audrey Ericksen what she is looking forward to most, “I’d say I’m most excited for the games we’re gonna put the staff and students through, it will be something new and will help get the students hype for the game, alongside the normal chants and contests we will do.”

While the exact activities and layout of the pep rally are still in the works, we can guarantee that it will be the best we’ve had and will introduce a new energy level at The Swamp.

“Which class do you think will win the spirit stick this year?” 

Junior Safety John O’Shea says, “the Junior class for sure. We’ve been popping out at most of the games and we’re definitely the loudest. I’ve heard people talk that the Seniors will take it after their win as Juniors, but they just don’t have the energy like us.” 

Green Level is looking forward to seeing what games are going to be played, and which class will earn the Spirit Stick this year.