Confessions of the Student Lot


The student parking lot is a breeding ground for some very interesting stories. I gathered anonymous confessions from the Green Level student body about things they’ve witnessed or did themselves in the student lot. Here they are:


“ I am a horrible parker. Not once have I been in the lines. Once I was so far over the line in my spot, I got a ticket.”

 – Green Level Junior


“ In the 3rd grade, I married a boy in my class. This school year, I am now a junior, and that same boy honked at me while I was parking because I was taking too long. Full circle moment.”

– Green Level Junior


“ I used to skip my 3rd-period class in the student parking lot every day. I didn’t even have a car; I just sat on the sidewalk.”

– Graduated Gator


“ I have seen multiple people kissing in their cars during lunch.”
– Green Level Junior


I have had some very “riveting” experiences in the student lot. Like the time I was hit by a car. It was more like a tap, but we still made contact. Even throughout the road bumps of the student lot, the student lot slays. If you need a parking pass, check out the GLHS website!