Gators Swallow Clock in Insane Conference Win


Photo by C. Lentz

On Friday night, your Green Level Gators collided with the Cary Imps for a truly awe-inspiring game, ultimately ending in an incredible overtime showdown.

The Gators started with low momentum as the Imps scored a touchdown almost immediately after the first kickoff, then another before the close of the first quarter. Attempting a comeback in the second, senior Asher Fleury ran the ball into the endzone before another Cary touchdown, making the score 6-20 in favor of the Imps going into halftime. Despite an interception by junior Dylan Georges, Cary continued to dominate in the third quarter, pushing the score to a demoralizing 14-30.

However, the Gators didn’t give up. A running play ending in a touchdown by junior Simon Sadler and an endzone catch by junior Rhoen Breen with less than three minutes on the clock both ended in two-point conversions. This tied the game 30-30 and sent the two teams into an overtime clash.

A touchdown by the Imps preceded a failed kick, pushing the score to 36-30. In a last determined attempt to secure victory, Green Level junior Rhoen Breen clenched a touchdown pass before junior Bryson Burkall took it home with a successful kick. Your final score: 36-37 in the Gators’ favor.

“Great game today! Comeback! What was that – 30 to 14? I don’t remember; I’m too excited, man! I’m pumped! Gators gonna secure their first conference W! First in the SWAC – let’s go!” – Owen Watts, Senior


“We are very happy about the outcome of the game. A lot of ups and downs, round and rounds and momentum changes, but overall, we are very pleased about the ending of the game. Our guys worked their tails off, and we couldn’t be happier for the seniors in our program.” – Coach Brandon Simmons