Meet Your 2022 Homecoming Court!


The couples, from top left to bottom right: Sophia and Andrew, Emerson and Max, Sanjana and Sudeep, and Gabe and Avery. Graphic by D. Khan.

Next Saturday is Green Level High School’s first Homecoming dance. There, one of four senior couples will be voted for and crowned as 2022’s Homecoming King and Queen. Each couple was nominated by their friends and classmates, but they’re all running for different reasons–meet the nominees here!

Avery and Gabe:

Avery Hoch and Gabe Karakostansis have been dating throughout high school; they recently celebrated their three-year anniversary. The couple is excited for the dance, with Hoch saying, “We’re trying to get a party bus… we’ll also take pictures and go out to dinner.” Though they didn’t originally plan to run, both are happy they’re participating in the competition.

Sanjana and Sudeep:

Just like Hoch and Karakonstantis, Sanjana Premnath and Sudeep Kumareshan are another long-term couple–they’ve been together since ninth grade. Although they didn’t intend to run, they decided to see what happens and, according to Kumareshan, “go with the flow.” Both are excited to see how things turn out!

Emerson and Max:

Emerson Switzer and Max Silverstein have been a couple for around ten months. Their prom plans are low-key; they’re going to the dance with their friends and dates and having dinner afterward. “I think it would be fun to win,” says Switzer, “But it’s also just fun to be recognized like this [by classmates].”

Sophia and Andrew:

Sophia Nolan and Andrew Su first began dating last December, so they’ve been together for around nine months. They aren’t too worried about winning. “We’re running more for fun.” shares Nolan. “We didn’t expect to get nominated and we don’t mind if we win.” After the dance, the couple plans on getting dinner to mark the occasion. 

No matter who ends up becoming our first Homecoming King and Queen, the honor will be well-deserved. Cast your votes at the dance on October 1st!