Pumpkin Patches Near You


Credit to Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

The fall season is starting, and what better to do than go to the pumpkin patch? But what are the best pumpkin patches in North Carolina? Some pumpkin patches are filled with different things to do, picking pumpkins and having various events and food options. So which pumpkin patch should you go to this year?

The first pumpkin patch, of course, is Phillips Farms. This pumpkin patch seems to be by far one of the most popular places to go every year. Phillips Farms has a Fun Park that includes many different things for you to do. There is a Corn Maze, Wagon Ride, Cow Train, Family Fun Park, and Sunflower Field. They also have a Haunted Farm where most of the fun happens. The haunted farm includes The Field of Lost Souls, The Rebellion Trial, Big Top Terror, and The Gore House, all equipt with jump scares, sound effects, live actors, and animatronics. People love going to these haunted events for the thrill and adrenaline rush. So if you love to be scared, then Phillips Farms is the place to go.

Another pumpkin patch is Page Farms. This farm is less scary but still has a lot of different fun activities to do. Of course, there are the pumpkins, but there is also a Corn Maze, Hayride, Playground, Cow Train, Farm Animals, and a Farm Store. The Corn Maze is 5 acres, and they have slides on a mulch mountain. You can visit different farm animals like cows, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, and sheep. Lastly, they have a Farm Store where you can buy their handmade crafts, jams, jellies, ciders, and vinaigrette. Page Farms is a great place to get some lovely pumpkins and have fun.

Ragan and Holly’s Pumpkin Patch is another excellent place to go. They have a great selection of pumpkins to choose from as well as fun activities like hay rides. After you pick your pumpkins, they have a market where you can get some food or drinks to enjoy. They offer their homemade ice cream, hot or cold apple cider, and donuts—a nice sweet treat.

If any of these pumpkin patches intrigue you, check one out for this fall season. Keep in mind there are many more in the area, so there is no need to limit yourself. Go to one or several but do not forget to get a pumpkin. I guarantee you and your friends will have a fantastic time! Enjoy your fall!