Sweater Trends for Fall 2022


C. Ford

What types of sweaters are trending right now?

Every fall, we gravitate towards our sweaters and long sleeves as the weather gets colder. While some pieces are timeless, some sweater trends have changed in the past year, including thinner knits and bright colors. According to Vogue, “‘Scraggly knits are a great way to add instant character to any outfit.”

The thin sweater trend has been a hit among fast fashion brands; Zara has released a sweater made of thinly knit lace, H & M has released a thin sweater in numerous colors, and Urban Outfitters has thin sweaters posted on their website with different necklines and colors, and some are lined with fur. Among these websites, you will also find that hot pink, green, yellow, and electric blue have been popular this fall, as well as horizontal stripes and ribbing.

Affordable options for these trendy sweaters range from around $12 to $70, with thicker knits and more eccentric sweaters being on the higher end of the spectrum. Designer brands have released colorful and “scraggly looking” sweaters for about 10 times this price, such as this one from AGR, which is $670 on SSENSE.

Recurring outfit collages featuring sweaters from Khaite, H & M, Urban Outfitters, Love Shack Fancy, and more have been coming up on apps like Shuffles, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Instagram.

What’s your favorite sweater trend this year?