COMMITTED: Samantha Armand to UNC Chapel Hill


Samantha Armand after placing second at states last year.

Samantha Armand has committed to UNC Chapel Hill for swimming! Samantha has been one of the strongest swimmers on our school’s swim team throughout her high school career. Samantha has definitely been putting the work in throughout her high school and club swim career. Her work has paid off, that’s for sure. UNC Chapel Hill is a top college for all sports, and swimming is definitely no different. 

Samantha made some school history last year by becoming the regional champion in the 50 freestyle and then when she went on to states, she placed 2nd overall in the 50 freestyle! 2nd IN THE STATE! She has worked so hard in her youth swimming career and we don’t think college will be any different.

I got the chance to speak to Samantha about her commitment:

What was your recruitment process like?

“In about August or June, you get sent a bunch of emails from colleges and so when I was sent my emails I was actually at the Olympic trials watching some of my teammates. In the morning either your parents or you get bombarded with a bunch of emails so you have to go through and say yes or say no to some of them. You will set up calls at first, so I set up a few calls with UNC, JMU, West Point and then all of the other emails I got I would just politely decline or not respond at first. My first call was with UNC at the Olympic trials so those were really nerve wracking because it was my first time talking to these college coaches. As I went through the process I slowly made my list smaller and smaller for what I wanted. I wanted to be at a big school, the team to be D1 and I wanted the combined team (mens and womens). When I narrowed down the list I was left with West Point and UNC, which were like total opposites of schools but once I kept talking to coaches they started offering official visits where they will fly you down and you will stay overnight for 2 or 3 days with the team. I went to UNC first and I stayed with a host (normally either a freshman or a sophomore because that is who you would stay with if you commit), we went to football games, dinner and it was really fun. I got to see them practice. I then went to West Point and it was a different atmosphere than UNC because everyone was walking around in their Army uniforms and it was just really cool. The whole process was just really stressful for a long time but as I got to narrow the list down and experience how each college really feels like, you realize which college you want to go to.”

What made you choose UNC?

“I chose UNC because I wanted the college life because at West Point you don’t really get to have the experience of going off campus, going to parties I guess because you are so restricted to what you do. One of the hosts was driving me around campus and just sitting in the car, listening to music and I just felt it click for a second and I realized that it was going to be so fun being here (at UNC).” 

What excited you the most about getting to swim at the college level?

“Swimming in college is so different from swimming in a club because when you are swimming in a club it is very individual besides relays but you are just so focused on time and trying to race everyone else. But in college you guys have to work together because you are always against another school. It is just really fun and they are always together when racing, cheering and pushing each other. They are blasting music and doing so many team activities that you don’t really get to experience in a club. I am just really excited to experience that and the different environment.”

Congratulations Samantha and go TAR HEELS!!!