Teammates For Life

JV Mens Soccer

The JV boys soccer team is special this year, which was no surprise. The group has been playing together since middle school, and it shows on the field. The addition of Coach Poland is also to credit for this successful season, as he is not only admired, but respected by all of his players. The team is currently 15-2-3 overall and 9-2-2, with their final match coming up on Monday.

#20 sophomore Nick Devivo sat down to talk with us about this remarkable season. Nick went on and on about the team chemistry, saying, “it helps that we are such good frie
nds off the field as well.” Most of the guys played together at Mills Park middle, Coach Poland coming from there as well. Nick even mentions, “Having a Coach like him [Poland] is so amazing because he listens to our opinions and we are able to have an honest player-coach relationship. We talk about what we see on the field compared to him and are able to adapt and come up with solutions together.” Nick says that this winning was possible due to their ability to focus and maintain such a tight bond.

Having such an impactful Coach is so important to a team doing well, and JV soccer lucked out with Coach Poland. Not only do his students love him, but he is also heavily respected by the Green Level Women’s JV Basketball team, a program he took undefeated last year. We were interested in his thoughts on his soccer team. Poland listed many factors that have led to such a good season so far including, “sophomore leadership, team captains, and we overall just have a very talented group of young men. The way we practice and hold each other accountable has been huge” It was really cool to hear Coach Poland mention how he has seen these players grow up together, on and off the field, which has contributed to their amazing team chemistry.

With one last game coming up, this team deserves some goonie support. Monday, October 24th, the gators will take on the Green Hope Falcons @ Green Hope. Although this game is away, it is not far at all, and should be a fun match to watch. These guys have worked hard all season, on and off the field, and having some Green Level representation against one of our so-called rivals would truly be a special way to end the season. 4:30 pm is JV and Varsity immediately follows.

Good luck JV Men’s Soccer and congratulations on such an amazing season!