What’s In The Dusty Box?


A home-kit can be the difference between life and death.

You hear the wind howling and rain banging on your window. You get up quickly out of your tiny bed and reach for the light. The lights flicker and then shut off. You are left in the dark. The sirens wail. You reach under the bed for the dusty box you thought you would never need. You pull it out. You pop open the handle that keeps it closed. You open it up, and you know you will be okay. You are prepared for this crisis.

How can you know that if you are in a disaster situation, you will have what you need? What are the most important things you need in a situation like this?

Must Needs

The most important thing is to make sure you have enough food and water. The water should be easy to carry bottled water. Make sure you have food that won’t perish and needs to be refrigerated or cooked. Some examples of food you can buy are chips, crackers, and granola bars. You should have plenty of clothes and blankets. When there is no electricity, there will be no heat. A flashlight and plenty of batteries would be useful if the lights are out. You will need chargers for different devices so you can communicate and know what to do and what’s happening. A radio could be helpful if you can’t use your phone.

If You Need to Evacuate

If you need to leave or evacuate, there are important things that you will need. First, there has to be a safe way to get out of the dangerous place. Depending on where you are, the safest way to get out is by car or train. Sometimes you might be in a situation too dangerous to move, so you need to stay put. If you can leave make sure you have cash. When the power goes out, ATMs won’t work. Have your license/ID/school ID/passport set aside in case you have to evacuate.

If You Have to Stay in Place

If you are stuck in place, then it is a good idea to have things to entertain you. That could be cards or other games. It is also a good idea to have your stuffed animal to keep you safe.

The sirens stop. The lights come back on. You have been safe all along.