The Artistic Future of Green Level is Looking Bright


D. Khan

Gator artists at work.

D. Khan, Asst. Arts Section Editor, Staff Writer

Mr. Mapp and his art students are hard at work to make Green Level a more colorful place. From the Visual Arts classes to the exciting clubs offered, the school is alive with art. 

I spoke with Mr. Mapp about his classes and the Art Club. “Art class is going very well,” he told me. “We’re doing Art I and Art II in the same classes this year, which has been really nice because it allows everybody to learn together.” He believes it is a great opportunity to get every artist to understand the expectations of Visual Art at Green Level. The Instagram, @greenlevelarts, is up and running, and the newest addition to the room is a board for students to sketch on with dry-erase markers. “Things that are happening are unexpected, but good things!”

He was happy to talk about Art Club, which meets every B and C Connectivity Thursday to work on individual and club projects. Lots of things should be coming up, including everything from claymation to murals to library decoration. “Officers will decide on an activity for each week, and they can do that, or the students in my art class can work on their artwork, or C, an open studio approach,” says Mr. Mapp. It’s clear that Mr. Mapp has many exciting plans for the future, and he’d encourage any new members to the club. He also runs Photography Club for A Connectivity Thursday.

Finally, I talked with two students who are helping start off the special interest Fashion Club, the final club offered by Mr. Mapp. Freshman Maren Molinaro and Annika Christensen explained what the club is and why it’s an addition. “We’re interested in making outfits for ourselves that’s unique for us,” Molinaro said. Whether it be everyday wear or for events, the outfits will be special and beautiful. When asked about future plans, Christensen added, “Making things for theater, cosplay… I think we’re making pajama pants?” Cleary, the meetings will be really enjoyable. They have books from the library to teach people how to sew, so anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Fashion Club meets on D days, so mark your calendars!

The visual arts at Green Level may be small, but they’re already jumping into the creative process. We can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!