Should Finals Be Before Winter Break?


Winter break is in the middle of quarter two, which gives students and staff a 10-day much-needed break. However, this late December break leaves a big gap between learning and alters retained information. Moving finals to before the break would be heavily beneficial for students. A consistant learning and study period ensures better performance because students are fully prepared. This schefule would also push second semester to start after the break which allows everyone to come back with a fresh start. I contacted fellow Green Level students for their thoughts and opinions.     

    The first student I interviewed was Matthew Schoenagel, ” I think finals should be before winter break because after two weeks off, a lot of students tend to forget the material learned in class which forces them to study way harder to get back into the groove of things.”

    The following student I talked to was Cameron Dziminski, “I think that finals should be before winter break because all the material is fresh in my head. When we return from break, it’s been about two weeks, and I have to refresh and review it.”

    Lastly, I got Harrison Rower’s opinion, and he stated, “I think finals should be after winter break because I like the time they give you before to review the material; I could have forgotten or had questions, and I like hitting that buzzer-beater before the quarter ends with turning in all my missing work.”

    With most Green Level students saying they would rather have their finals before winter break, this problem should be solved to help them succeed in our school’s environment. Suppose finals were before winter break, the second semester would start early, and we would have a similar school schedule with education systems such as Cardinal Gibbons and Cary Academy. This is a matter Wake county would have to deal with, but it does seem the majority of Green Level students prefer finals before winter break.