Clothing Brands That Went From Cute to Cringe


L. Willis

What brands went from cute to cringe?

As you know, fashion trends and clothing items change frequently. What was considered “trendy,” “popular,” or “cute” a couple of years ago could not be thought of today. Here are some clothing brands that went from “cute” to “cringe.”  


Puma had a major decline in their popularity. They were a huge brand back in the late 80s early 90s. If you were to observe people’s clothing choices, I bet you won’t be seeing Puma that much. 


Justice is a children’s brand that quickly began to grow. Ages from 7-18 could shop from there. Justice had very inclusive sizing and had lots of variety in their clothing. However, nowadays most kids would not wear Justice’s clothing and this brand went from cool to cringe.

Forever 21

Every teenage girl knows Forever 21. They started getting popular in the early 2000s and had an all-time peak around 2015. This brand is known for its fast fashion and affordable clothing items. You would still see a Forever 21 in a mall, but it is not as popular as it used to be. 

Vineyard Vines/Simply Southern

Vineyard Vines markets higher-end shirts, pants, and clothes. They are known for having a bunch of different colors and patterns. However, over time this brand of clothing had a decrease in their popularity and is not as common.

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a popular women’s brand known for raising money for Elephants. This brand was similar to brands like Simply Southern but quickly died down and is not as trendy as it was years ago.


If I heard vans were not in style 2 years ago today, I would be shocked. The iconic checkered slip-on vans had a major crash. Nowadays, regular old-school vans are more popular.