COMMITTED: Colton Wade to Drexel University


This will be no surprise to anyone, but Colton Wade has finally committed. Colton has swum for the school for all four years of high school and has made a pretty big mark. He was just recently announced as Green Level’s 22-23′ Swimmer of the Year adding on to his impressive resume.

I got to speak with Colton about a few things regarding him and his swimming career and here is what he said:

First, I asked him how long he had been swimming for and what first sparked his interest to swim: “I started club swimming at age 8. It really started because I just wanted to get faster than everyone in my neighborhood for summer swim, but I’ve always enjoyed the pool and the sport as well.”

I also asked him what he had to do to prepare for where he is now: “Years of practice have gone into getting me where I am now. I’ve been on two different teams, 10 different practice groups, and raced thousands of other swimmers over the past 9 years. The hardest part of training is fitting everything in because I’ll have two a day practices at 5:30am, and 3:30pm which make it hard to have the time for a healthy sleep schedule or anything else for that matter.”

Finally, I asked what made him commit to Drexel University: “I decided to commit to Drexel because of their unique opportunities both academically and athletically. Academically, Drexel runs on the coop system, so for half the year I’ll be in class, and the other half I’ll be working in the real world applying the knowledge that I’ve taken from class thus gaining experience and connections which will be crucial for my future. Athletically, I love their team as well as the program they have set which is very scientific and modern. Coach Nathan prides himself on always trying to learn new ways to get faster. Not many schools let their athletes take on advanced challenging degrees, but at Drexel I’ll be able to compete in the pool and pursue a master’s in mechanical engineering all at the same time.”

We hope to see Colton keep up the great work and impressive swimming at Drexel and wish him the best of luck in his future!