Steps Seniors Can Take After Being Deferred


Deferred from your top choice? Here are your next steps.

As college decisions start to roll around, Green Level seniors are eagerly awaiting their acceptance letters. For those who were accepted, amazing! If you were rejected, hang your head high and move on to the next school. For those who were deferred, here are some steps you can take to improve your application.

To start, what does it mean to be deferred? A deferral can happen for a variety of different reasons, the main one being that they think you are good enough, or just about good enough, for the school but want to compare you to the other applicants in the regular decision pool.

To stand out in this new group, there are ways you can further improve your application, even though it has already been submitted.

New and improved grades in the fall semester play a big part in helping you stand out in the regular admissions pool, as colleges like to see improved grades and GPA if they weren’t sure about you in the early admissions round. Another option is sending the college a letter of continued interest. This is essentially a letter that tells the school that you are still interested in them and that they are still your top choice (if that is true). The letter should also contain any achievements or awards you have received since your initial application to the school, but only if you have been awarded any.

Additional recommendation letters may also help you, but only if the college asks for them. Do not send them if they say not to, as it will not have any effect on your application.

A deferral is often very disappointing for students, especially if it is from a school they had their heart set on. Just know that if you do get in, there are plenty of schools out there for a reason, and you will find a college where you can find the same or even a better level of education and find where you belong.