Is Stanley the new Hydroflask?


As you may know, Hydroflasks have been popular for a long time now, but they have competition: Stanley cups. The Stanley cups have been trending all over TikTok. They are known for their cute aesthetic and their variety of colors.

If you walk around the school you will most likely see either a Hydroflask or a big Stanley cup. 

Both are very convenient to move around and both have their own perks, but which one is better? Some Green Level students preferred the Stanley cup because it’s big and easy to hold. 

Victoria Shannon said, “I like Stanley cup’s better than Hydroflasks because I like the handle and the straw better.”


Here are the pros and cons of each bottle:


Stanley cup

Stanley cups are efficient and easy to bring around and can even fit in your car’s cup holder. They have many different versions including a travel tumbler which keeps the water from spilling out while on the move. They are visually appealing and have a ton of colors. However, the typical Stanley cups are very big which makes them harder to put in a backpack. Although these cups are feminine, they have different sizes and styles to appeal to anyone. 



Hyrdoflasks have a variety of sizes and different cups to choose from, they even have lunch boxes and coffee cups. They can keep your drinks cold or hot and they come in every color you can imagine. You can also customize your Hydro to anything you would like and they have many different types of lids. Although this seems great, Hydroflasks dent very easily and they don’t fit in your cup holders. But they do fit into your backpack and they are cute. 


Both the Stanley cup and the Hydroflask are great water bottles and it’s just about what you prefer. Be on the lookout for the new trending water bottle.