The TikTok Ban


There has been some news going around that TikTok is getting banned. Around the United States, schools have placed restrictions on TikTok banning it from their wifi or network. The ban also included any governmental device. But why? 

The ban started from security concerns regarding China’s parent company Bytedance. This may cause an overreach of information gathered by the Chinese communist party. But why are they just now trying to ban TikTok? 

Back in 2020, Trump signed an executive order to ban TikTok but he left office before a final ruling. In 2021, Biden canceled that executive order so he could make a more broad order for security. However, in 2023, a bill was passed through congress that enforces a ban on Tik Tok throughout the United States.

This ban has already started. Many schools like Green Level can’t use TikTok while using school WiFi. But, there are ways to get around that, such as if you have cellular data. College universities like Alabama, Texas, Auburn, Arkansas, and 26 other universities. 

The US is not the only country to ban TikTok. India has not only banned TikTok but any Chinese-made apps altogether. Other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and more. The main reason for this worldwide ban on TikTok is the risk to national security. This has caused controversy on whether or not TikTok should be banned altogether. 

The real problem is, will this ban go further than just school WiFi and government devices? If the government can partially ban TikTok, then what is stopping them from banning it altogether? Could they possibly not allow you to download the app anymore?