Tips For Choosing Your Classes For Next Year

As we get into class registration for next year, many students find this stressful as it is often difficult to choose between the many options.

When choosing your classes there are many things to consider like the difficulty of the class, how it plays into your plans for the future, and what interests you.

First, you need to make sure you choose classes that will fulfill your promotion requirements.     

You can see promotion requirements here:

promotion requirements

In total you will choose 12 classes, 4 will be core classes, 4 will be elective classes, and 4 will be alternates. It is important to note that it is very possible to get your alternate classes so make sure you put classes that would be okay having for your alternates. In addition, putting the same class in your alternates and your primary choices will not give you more of a chance of getting that class.

You should have received your teacher recommendations from your advisory teacher on March 27th. If you have any questions about what your teacher recommended you for you should talk to them about what went behind their decision. 

When choosing your classes it is also important to consider what level you choose; academic, honors, or AP. Below you can see what each level entails, and how many GPA points are possible from each course level. It is important to remember that AP classes will be very challenging and also require you to take the AP exams in May. It is important to balance your schedule between AP, honors, and academic classes as you don’t want to be overwhelmed with lots of work, but at the same time you want to challenge yourself, and keep a high GPA.course level descriptions

possible gpa points

Finally when choosing your classes it is important to choose classes that interest you, but also are the right level for you. Choosing classes that interest you will help to keep you motivated in completing assignments and keeping you engaged.

You can find the course registration mini-guide here, and this guide also includes a list of all the course options  addition, you can see the schedule for when you are going to register based on your 2nd period teacher here. Finally if you have any questions be sure to set up an appointment with your counselor.