Coping with a Bully

Go to the first floor and check out Green Levels excellent Student Services Dept.

A. Rudolph

Go to the first floor and check out Green Level’s excellent Student Services Dept.

In the beginning of the month, an article was released on the Gator’s Eye to cover the importance of bullying awareness. This week, we will elaborate on what to do if you experience bullying. 

One way to deal with bullies is to use humor to lighten the mood and brush it off, or just walk away and ignore the situation. Ms. Wiggins, Green Level High School Psychologist, says, “try not react because some people want that reaction and other people want to get a laugh.” STOMP Out Bullying says the same thing; most of the time, bullies just want to cause a scene, and if they know that they aren’t getting under your skin, they might stop pestering you. 

After anything similar to a bullying situation, see a counselor, your parents, a teacher, a school psychologist, or seek a hotline. Mrs. Sarah Hill, Green Level English teacher, advises, “have a trusted adult you know and can go to go to, so they can point you in the right direction. No one deserves to feel less than enough.” Ms. Garcia, Green Level counselor, responded to our question similarly, saying “The most important thing is to let someone know. Go to a trusted adult. Sometimes students find it embarrassing to admit bullying has happened to them. They need to find the courage to tell an adult or an individual they trust and tell them so that we can be aware and get them the help that they need.” 

If someone is bullying you, it is important to not think that it’s your fault and let the bullying get to you. You also shouldn’t fight or bully back, because then you will most likely get in trouble as well. Intead, you should recognize your self-worth. Ms.Garcia suggests that students searching for their self-worth turn inward: “I feel like that the strength comes from within, so think about a time where you have felt felt confident and worthy.” Ms. Wiggins says to use positive affirmations and positive self-talk to give yourself more self-confidence.

Even if you are not the one being bullied, there are ways to help the victims. Ms. Wiggins says, “Students really have the power to change the culture. I say change the culture meaning being kind to one another and standing up for someone if you see them being bullied.” Green Level can be a school full of students who are willing to stand for one another, as all students can be aware and look out for their classmates. Ms. Wiggins also says that reporting bullying to any counselor, administrator, or even teacher is important, and will be anonymous. 

High school is a very important time of life where everyone is growing and developing. Gators should be able to go to Green Level knowing that it is a safe environment where bullying is not tolerated. Even though many of the students here did not go to the same schools previously, we should always remember that we are a family that looks out for one another.

Remember to wear orange on Wednesday, October 23rd, Unity Day!

If you ever need immediate professional help, find a hotline to call on this link