Is your Manicure Safe?


Is your manicure safe? According to research, over time studies have shown that getting your nails done increases the risk of multiple health problems. One of them including cancer. Nails and cancer? They shouldn’t be in the same sentence. This is especially in acrylic and gel nails… 

Sources have stated that the UV lamps used in nail salons produce harmful UV rays. Though the radiation may be little, over time the chance of getting cancer increases every time. Some may ask why you feel a burning sensation when put under the UV lamp. Is it cancer? The answer is simple. Most likely some of your natural nails got buffed or filed off causing irritation. 

Acrylic and gel can cause skin cancer, but that’s not the only type of cancer. When getting acrylics done, there can be harmful chemicals like benzene. Benzene is linked to blood cancer, like leukemia, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. Even though some of the chemicals used don’t cause cancer, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful. The fumes from acrylics can cause headaches, dizziness, irritation, and even nausea. The dust from getting your nails done can also cause sneezing and even chest tightness. 

Although acrylics are not good for you, there are more efficient and safer ways to get your nails done. Soak-off gel nails are better for your health and nail beds. Not to mention, getting acrylics done takes time and skill, and soak-off gel nails are quicker and easier. Before getting your nails done, it would be best to choose a salon using LED curing light rather than UV curing light. LED curing lights transmit weaker rays making them less harmful.

No matter what the manicure is, there are always going to be harmful chemicals and risks just like anything else. It is very unlikely to get cancer from getting your nails done, but it is not impossible.