Kelan Moore Calls Game | Apex Friendship Vs. Green Level Lacrosse

On Tuesday night, April 25th, The Men’s lacrosse team played Apex Friendship for the second time after winning 16-10 against them on March 24th. This game was a lot different than others. Going into the end of the 4th quarter the Gators and Patriots are tied at 9-9 with seconds left, a shot wide by the Patriots leads both teams into overtime. After not one but two halves of overtime the Patriots’ shot is saved by Ethan Stein recovered by Harrison Murray and brought up field by Brian Bracciante, Finally on a fast break Brian passes to Kelan who scores and sends the game home in double overtime making the score 10-9 final.

After this electric nail-biting game, I talked to some of the players who contributed to the final goal

How did it feel being a part of a big double-overtime win?

Brian Bracciante: “It was a huge win for the guys, close game down the stretch and we were able to hold them off. Boys were going absolutely ballistic after we finally got one in OT.”

Kelan Moore: “It feels really great, big win for the night. It was super hype everyone stormed the field to celebrate our coaches were super hype”

Harrison Murray: “It was great, the boys were buzzing and the sideline being electric really hyped me up.”

Ethan Stein: “It was good, after I saved the shot and Harrison recovered it I knew our offense would send it home”

How did it feel to score the winning goal?

Kelan Moore: “It felt crazy at the moment to see it hit the net and our sideline rushing the field and us being able to celebrate the victory together and the rest of our season that we had fought hard to earn.”

The Gators play Middle Creek tonight and begin their playoff run next week. Go Gators!