Top 14 Fun Activities To Do With Your Mama This Mother’s Day


Pexels/George Dolgikh

Every mother deserves the world so why not make Mother’s Day extra special? If you haven’t already planned on gifts and activities to do with your mother, this article is for you. Here is a list of perfect Mother’s Day activity ideas that are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face and make her feel extra special. This list includes activities such as going out to eat, fun games, DIY crafts, cool classes, and more.

  • Take a pottery class or go to a paint-a-pot to work together on a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery
  • Go to brunch or lunch, and treat your mom to a delicious meal for good food and quality time together
  • Visit an amusement park for those moms who loves to seek out adventure, and treat themselves to amusement rides and food all while seeing their face light up when she’s got to experience all this fun with you
  • Make your own pizza party, it’s an activity and a meal, it’s fun and yummy!
  • Mother’s Day book club, the mom gets to pick a book and everyone reads it to discuss the book
  • Watching movies at home, get comfortable and bring out the movies snacks as mom gets to pick her favorite movies to watch with her family
  • A garden game tournament, cornhole, croquet, horseshoes, and more to create some family-friendly competition with a backyard challenge
  • A day trip to the beach, the sun, waves, and quality time with family is the perfect and relaxing Mother’s Day, and maybe taking a walk on the beach to look for shells
  • Treat her to a spa day, whether it’s at home with face masks and painting nails or treating her to a gift card to the nearest Message spa
  • Breakfast in bed is simple and traditional and lets mom sleep in while you make some of her favorite breakfast foods
  • Have a picnic, if mom loves the outdoors this is a great option to get outside and enjoy nature while packing all the goodies you can think of
  • If mom loves to work out, go for a family hike or ride bikes to the park or the nearest trail
  • If mom loves to garden, give her a helping hand and assist her with whatever tasks she needs to be done, all while enjoying the time spent together
  • Take mom on a shopping spree, help her pick out outfits she loves, and make her feel extra special