The History Of Mother’s Day


As you know, Mother’s Day is coming up pretty soon. This is a time to celebrate all that moms do for us. You may be wondering what you should get your mom, but this day isn’t all about the gifts… Here is some background about Mother’s Day and why it is so important. 

Mother’s Day started in the 1900s in America with a girl named Anna Jarvis. This holiday started as a result of her mother’s death. Anna was one of 13 kids and only 4 made it to adulthood. After Anna’s mom died with her 4 surviving children by her side, Anna decided to honor her mom by creating a celebration for mothers and acknowledging their sacrifices to their children.

America isn’t the only country that celebrates this special day, other countries do too! Some countries have different traditions and may celebrate it in their own way. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August, which is the birthday of their current Queen. In Ethiopia, families gather around, eat big feasts, and sing songs to honor motherhood. While in America, gifts and quality time are favored for this day. 

Mother’s Day has evolved over time. Back in time, this day was actually a women’s movement to better American lives. Now, although it is still considered a movement, it is more of a celebration and a way to give thanks for what mothers have done for us. No matter the history behind Mother’s Day, make sure to go give your mom a hug and show appreciation to her.