Men’s Golf 4A State Championship Results


Team poses for picture after final round at states

On Monday, 5/15, and Tuesday, 5/16, the men’s golf team took on the difficult and grueling Pinehurst NO. 8 course at the 4a Men’s Golf State Championship. The course is covered with hazards, water, and bunkers. The first day included great golf as well as great weather. After the first day, the team sat in 10th place. The rain the morning of the second day didn’t make the course as welcoming as the day before but luckily, the rain subsided leaving clear skies for the team to finish strong. After the ups and downs of the second day, the team pulled through and was able to move up two spots in the rankings and placed 8th overall; tieing Apex Friendship.

Following the first day, the team was at +28 overall. All 4 of the scores were being taken for the State Championship so the team had to make sure to put their best foot forward and play their hardest. SN. Drew Eggers led the team with a 76(+4) on day one. SO. Quin Covington came in with a 77(+5), JR. Peter Pucci with an 81 (+9) and lastly JR. Cooper Champ with an 82 (+10). Both juniors, Champ and Pucci, improved their scores by 4 strokes on the second day. Covington also had an amazing 2nd round with a score of 74 (+2). Although Eggers didn’t have as good of a round on his 2nd day, he still made sure to soak the feelings of states up one last time in his high school career.

I got the chance to talk to Eggers about how he felt after his final round.

How did you feel after your final putt went in on your final hole? Especially after that great shot out of the bunker.

I didn’t really feel anything. I guess I was a little relieved to make a par on the last, especially after making a triple on the hole the day before. I was kinda hoping the shot out of the bunker went in but a par is all I wanted.

I also got the chance to talk to Pucci about his great second round.

After your first round, how were you feeling about your round the next day?

Not too great. My swing was not feeling great. I was kind of nervous since it was my first state championship. I just wanted to do good and help my team out but after that first round, it kind of hurt my mental game. I just wanted to go back out the second day and do well.

What were you thinking about during your round to make sure to keep working, especially after getting off to a bit of a rocky start?

I really just focused on making pars. I didn’t want to blow up and make my score worse… I just wanted to focus on staying where I was and keeping a cool head.

Although the result at States wasn’t what they had hoped, the men’s golf team still had a historic State Championship (being the best State Championship finish for the team in school history). Their season was filled with so many great moments and memories. The team sadly says goodbye to SN. Drew Eggers but they can’t wait for next season and the rounds to come. Great season gators and we are excited to see you play again next year!