Gator’s Eye Staff Summer Preview

Summer is right around the corner. Some Seniors have already walked out the door by now and aren’t looking back. Juniors are preparing for exams next week and the anticipation of summer to come. Sophomores and Freshmen are also preparing for exams and are ready for their summers to come. Everyone is ready for summer and is very excited. Some exciting things to do this summer are playing your favorite sports with your friends…gaming with your friends online…going on a vacation to the beach… going to the mountains, and so much more!

I talked to a few students about what they are doing over the summer…

Jacob Fedich: “I am playing my favorite sport lacrosse in Long Island for the first part of summer. After that, I will be practicing with our football team to get ready for a great season next year.”

Maxwell Shell: “I don’t know yet but I’m working and I’m going to Yale for a prelaw and trial course for two weeks.”

Ethan Stein: “I’m working on getting big, hitting the gym nonstop but also practicing lacrosse to stay warm for next season. Gally O Gosh, I can’t wait for summer.”

Maris Toppin: “I am going to Australia for soccer and to watch the woman’s world cup”

Charlize Andrews: “Representing Green level in a Journalism conference in DC. I’m also going on a road trip with friends.”

Jackson Spells: “I ain’t doing that much but I’m going to many lacrosse tournaments with both my teams; Team 91 Carolina and Team 91 South.”

Corey Meehan: “I am working at Ruckus and will be going up to my Lake house with a few of the boys.”

I hope all of you have a great summer and make sure to spend time with family and have FUN!!!