Gator of the Week: Gavin Critcher!


S. Manku

Gator of the Week Gavin Critcher

Say hello to this week’s Gator of the Week, Gavin Critcher! Gavin, who was nominated by Ms. Amerson, is a Sophomore who wants to help people. In her nomination, Ms. Amerson reported that Gavin is “very conscientious about getting his work in and making sure that he understands the material we are learning in class. Gavin is a hard worker and often helps his fellow classmates. He is also incredibly respectful and a pleasure to have in class!” 

Gavin plays basketball and wants to try out for the Green Level team. He also enjoys volunteering and helping out in his community. He is motivated to always do his best because of his parents, who want him to do his best and be successful. He wants to have no regrets later in life so he works hard and does his best at everything he does. Gavin also helps his classmates because he wants to make sure that everyone understands the material and no one is left behind. Overall, Gavin is a generous, hard working, helpful Gator. Congratulations, Gavin!